Massage Oil - 200 & 500 mg.


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We infuse our Full-Spectrum active CBD oil and all natural grapeseed oil into a refreshing product that will take your next massage to a whole new level of relaxation. We add in fragrant pure essential oils to make the ideal product for bodywork or your next trip to the spa.

Customers prefer our CBD-infused massage oil because it enhances the relaxing and therapeutic value of massage beyond the average spa day. Each of our massage oil bottles feature a convenient treatment pump so the oil can be easily applied with fewer messes or spills. Our massage oil comes in three fragrance options: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen/Camphor/Pine.

Base Ingredients:

  • Our Full-Spectrum active CBD oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Lavender additional Ingredients:

  • Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Eucalyptus additional Ingredients:

  • Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Wintergreen, Camphor, Pine additional Ingredients:

  • Pure Wintergreen Essential Oil
  • Pure Camphor Essential Oil
  • Pure Pine Essential Oil


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