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It breaks down as follows, for every dollar you spend on our website, you’ll earn 1 CBDollar (ex. a $50 order will earn 50 CBDollars). Please note that they reflect the post-coupon discounted price.
Every 10 CBDollars is equal to $1.00 which can be applied to any future order (you can choose how much to apply, all, some, or none if you’d like). For example, 50 CBDollars is equal to $5.00.
There is no expiration date on your rewards. And yes, you can absolutely use a coupon code and redeem your CBDollars on the same order! Additionally, you’ll earn CBDollars on the order too.

For those of you with Active Subscription Plans, you’ll start earning CBDollars automatically upon each renewal order. 

*** Note, please be logged in to your account during checkout to ensure receiving your CBDollars. If you don’t already have an account, please sign up here and click “Register”, it takes less than 15 seconds! Just a username and email.
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Full Spectrum CBD Goat Milk Soap

We’re very excited to offer another great Local Collaboration product!

These were made exclusively and graciously for us by Sharon Kerwin who owns Orange Cat Soapworks – Each 3 ounce bar contains 100mg. of our Full-Spectrum active CBD oil and fresh Goat’s Milk from Sharon’s Farm (Thistle Ridge Farm in Cornwall, Vermont)

We have a limited supply of these

Vermont Pure CBD proudly uses raw Vermont made Honey and Beeswax for our salves from Champlain Valley Apiaries in our products! Small batch and Local Collaboration!!

Watch The Video 😀

To learn more about Champlain Valley Apiaries and their awesome products and offerings, please check out the website. They are truly amazing people!

We’re extremely happy to finally release our new line of Lotions.

They are available in 2 sizes, and in 2 different CBD concentrations.

Now Available
Extra-Strength Topicals

- Same great products -
- Now with 2x the CBD concentration -

We are so happy that our CBD contribution to All Breed Rescue has made a real difference for their dogs.

Watch The Video 😀

To learn more about All Breed Rescue and their amazing efforts, check out the website:

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