Vermont Pure CBD Fall 2023 – Flower Giveaway

For our Flower Giveaway this year we’re chosen a prized specimen.
Cultivar: “Sour Elektra”

Here’s you change to win all the flower from an entire plant!

Our preliminary analysis indicates about 15.5% CBD!

We’ve already harvested it. Once it’s all dry, trimmed, and cured, we’ll weigh the flower and whoever guesses the correct weight (or closest to it) in GRAMS, will win all the flower!

We estimate our final weight tally will be done sometime in mid-October.
So stay tuned here & on social media for updates.

Here’s a closer look at Ms. Sour Elektra

Raffle Entry Instructions

Here’s the link to enter:

– We will contact the winner via. the Email Address used to enter

– Whoever guesses the right weight, or is closest, will win all the trimmed bud from the plant in a vacuum sealed, odor proof large bag/or bags if need be.

– If there are multiple contestants with the same winning answer, then we will divide the flower accordingly. Just like the Lottery.

– Shipping will be free! 🙂

– Reminder, there are 454 GRAMS in a pound, and about 28 GRAMS in an ounce.

– We can’t provide any clues, as we have no idea ourselves. Our guess is as good as yours.

– Raffle entries will end on October 15th, 2023 at 11:30PM EST.
We expect to have the final weight around then. Stay tuned!

We wish everyone GOOD LUCK! 🙂